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Here at, you can hear audio recordings of leadership interviews and sermons as a podcast. When new messages or resources are added, they can be downloaded here or from iTunes.

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What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a method of automatically distributing audio and video content over the Internet. Podcasting allows you to subscribe to audio and/or video recordings and have them automatically delivered to your computer for playback at your convenience. At this time, the Resonate podcast is available on iTunes as an audio recording only.

Do I need an iPod to download and listen to a Podcast?

No. You can listen to a podcast on your computer using audio-playing software, such as iTunes or you can listen to the recordings here on this webpage.

How much does it cost?

Resonate podcasts are free. Listen. Be encouraged and blessed.

How do I get iTunes?

The iTunes program is available for Macintosh or Windows as a free download.

How do I subscribe?

Go into iTunes and type my name, Ty Tamasaka, into the search engine. When you find the profile page for the Resonate podcast, you can click the “Subscribe” button. Once you’ve successfully subscribed, you will see the Resonate podcast in your podcast list in iTunes. Now every time you launch iTunes it will check to see if there’s a new interview or message available, and download it if there is!

When you do go to iTunes, don’t forget to leave a comment as it will help increase traffic to the podcast and help reach other church leaders like yourself.